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Jul 27, 2015

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if there is one thing i've really learned about blogging, that has taught me a good lesson
in life itself it is that you do you baby and someone is always gonna be 
mad. haha.
for rrrreeeaaaaallll tho. there are so many instances where you just need to stick
you're chin a little higher than the rest and let your pretty little self shine through. 
i remember when i first started blogging, and i would see one negative comment, 
or not get as much feed back as i had hoped and BAM my life was over
i was a hot mess, i thought everyone hated me. 

you get the drill. 

but that's the silly thing, is that for a person to be so affected by a comment when
you receive so much more good feedback tells you something about that person. 
tells you something about me. 
something i had to learn the hard way. and that's to be beautiful because i know i'm
beautiful. and fun because i enjoy laughing. and put makeup on to make myself feel nice. 
and to never be affected by negativity. 
btw. sometimes you just gotta say whats on your mind. and this is, and has been. 
people, social media humans are human! they have feelings, they don't want to hear or
see mean things, or negative things. or anything. 
i think as a generation we've become this heartless unemotional bastards behind our
little phone keyboards, and computer keyboards, and fb comments and insta comments 
and have grown stone cold. 

i challenge you to tell someone they're beautiful. be kind and sensitive in your everyday tongue 
and doings. and most of all, look yourself in the mirror and see what a damn babe you are!
because that my friends, is how it should be. 

which btw, this top makes me feel beautiful. it makes me feel vulnerable. a lot of the time i really
don't like my back. (ugh so stupid #firstworldprobs) but for real. so today, i'm putting on this
beautiful backless top with my favorite fp skivvies and i'm feeling beautiful. 
for me, and no one else. 

because going out of your comfort zone. is beautiful.

top ℅ movv // skirt old // body chain ℅ movv // turquoise ring ℅ my tranquil designs // skivvie free people // long necklace ℅ little pieces of hope // leather strap necklace ℅ shop by misha // pixley pressed jewelry // branch bracelet ℅ wren & glory // hat free people // 
shoe ℅ avarca store // 

as said before, i'm so in love with this beautiful simple top. whether you'd wear this on the day to day, 
on a date night, or as the perfect summer cover up its definitely a new staple. 
and how simple and understated is this beautiful body chain? it added the 
perfect sparkle to a simple skirt and i'm just in love. 

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  1. Girl, you are amazing and so inspiring. Thank you for being such a good example of hard work. Not just hard work as in the way the world interprets it, but working hard to gain the confidence to be yourself. That is so rare, and so pure, and I believe is an art.

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