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Feb 22, 2015

Hawkers Co Sunny Game xx

lets talk sunnies. 

first off, they're fun. second off, when it's sunny, they are fab. and so now we can begin talking about 
my terrible obsession with sunglasses. i literally have every shape, size, color frame. 

it's ridiculous. my entire console in my car is dedicated to all of my sunnies and there are so many
in there that it rattles. n o n e stop when i drive. but you sacrifice for the things you love right? 

now lets talk sunnies this year and what's the on going trend. colored reflective lenses babes. 

colored reflected lenses. they're awesome. you will look badass no matter what. and that's everyones
goal in life ya? 

lucky for you, i've already done the homework for you. 

to change your sunny game. 

k bye. 



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  2. What are the name of the ones you're wearing here?


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