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Aug 20, 2014

Wedding Invites By Me

Hi! So.... Any of you ladies out there that are planning a wedding know that money literally disappears. Between engagements, formals, invites, stamps, wedding dresses, food... yeah it's like money flies through your fingers. So I was getting super discouraged one day when trying to find the 'perfect invite' that I felt would represent Adam and I but was unique and not overly priced. That task was nearly IMPOSSIBLE. So dumb. Wedding invites are just so ridiculously priced and everyone ends up throwing them away. So I got this genius idea to design them myself... So I did. And it took hours, and tears and lots of creativity. But they came out beautiful and I couldn't be more proud of myself! I took some pictures of the finished product and I am truly in love! I designed them using a program called Pic Monkey. It's a program you can edit pictures with but also design things! So yeah, that's that and take a look and feel free to ask any questions below in the comment section and I'd be happy to share with you my dirty little secrets. Thanks babes. You guys are the best. xx.

Our engagement pictures were taken by Tessa Barton and she was a dream to work with! I will do an additional post with all of the rest of the engagements, but this is the one that we used enclosed in our invites ♥



  1. Hi there! I found your photos via Instagram and I absolutely adore your wedding invitations. I was wondering if you could tell me how you were able to get the calendar feature; was that something you formatted using Pic Monkey or did you create it on your own using something else? I am getting married in June and am looking for fun and inexpensive ways to make our wedding invitations, and this caught my eye! Please let me know! - Janelle M.

    1. Hi babe! I'm so glad we could connect! Thank you, I actually just typed each individual number and made it all line up so it looked like a calendar, haha it took years. But they I just overlayed the heart over our wedding date!!

  2. !!! You're so patient. Now I get why you said "hours, and tears" haha but way to go! Super motivated by you. Thanks for sharing your brilliant method!

  3. It looks you are so good for everyone.. And I think that it there id a unique wedding dresses to show, that it will be more perfect.

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