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Jun 12, 2014

Dao Thrift Collab

Alright lovelies. How many times do you catch yourself saying... Gosh I just wanna find some goodies at the thrift store aka DI and then you start rationalizing that thought and think... "No, it smells funny, everyone looks at me weird, and it takes years to find anything DECENT." Yeah, my entire thought process every time I try to go thrifting. Oh and did I mention once I bought something from the DI and it was this ridick white jump suit in which I literally walked out the door in, wore it for some odd hours and finally took it off for din din... and what do I see, friggin' shart... in... the... bottom... of my pants. NOT courtesy of me BTW. So not LOL. My mom bought died laughing and I was mortified. Anyways, the moral of this story is that taking out the middle man of thrifting, aka YOU is so necessary. That's why I'm so excited to share with you guys about Dao Thrift. She has an instagram shop [@daothrift] as well as a website [found here]. And she has the cutest most affordable thrift findings ever. Plus she does 'try on's' so you know what the heck you're actually buying! Yes! Anyways, go give her a look and definitely snoop around at her shop! Everything goes so fast so you wont want to miss it! Thanks babes!!

Shirt / c/o Dao Thrift / Pants / OLD similarhere / Shoes / Walmart lovethese / Glasses / OLD similarhere / Photography / Roxana B. Photography


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