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May 1, 2014

Not So Peachy

K sooooo here we are waiting at the SLC Airport and our flight has been cancelled!
Total bummer. Adam and I have planned a trip to Michigan to celebrate a
wedding for his good friends Eli and Heather. But the airport situation has 
been a complete nightmare. Anyways, that's what's sorta going on right now. 
But the point of me sharing that little story is that in this post I'm wearing a radical 
sweater that says 'Peachy' and our circumstances at this moment are anything
BUT that. But I came across this sweater and was instantly in love.
I always tell people I'm 'Peachy' when they ask how I am doing.
Adam always makes fun of me and I always say, "What! Peaches are
sweet, squishy and a pretty color!" Haha stupid I KNOW.
But whatever. Traveling isn't very fun until you get to where you're
going. People in airports are such funny little critters. And guess what!!!
We hit 8,000 views which means giveaway time!! After the trip I will be posting the
information to qualify for the giveaway and let's give away some free 
Well thanks for looking!

Sweatshirt: H&M
Sandals: H&M
Jean Jacket: Forever21 similar here
Photography: Roxana B. Photography


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