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Apr 25, 2014


So....in case you haven't gotten the memo band tee's are IN.
Like...they're everywhere. It literally looks like someone from the 70's came and
threw up all over everything in every store. Which I'm totally not mad
about. So, I decided to get this totally stellar Ramones band t-shirt
after Adam saw it in the window and thought it was totally radical. And LEOPARD.
PLEASE I CAN'T. It is the one 'neutral' that will always be my GO TO.
Like I've worn it since elementary. Totally not mad about it. Band t's are just so
awesome. They make you feel super bad A. Yet, they're super cute.
Perfect for summer. If you don't feel like getting too crazy they'd be a perfect
swim suit cover up. But let's be honest, a band... MUSCLE t? Yeah.
And this is also my FAVORITE head-piece of all time.
I initially bought it for a wedding in Michigan with Adam. And it really brought my
whole look together. As shown below. But I love it so much I knew I had to 
figure out how to throw it with a more casual look. Hence the outfit YO.
Anyone can rock a head-piece I don't even care if 'they don't look good on me'.
They're the perfect delicate touch to any outfit and are just to freakin'
die for. Wellppp thanks for looking behbs. We're almost to my 
goal views for a giveaway. It's going to be rad. So please keep looking.

Shirt: Forever21 similar here or here
Skirt: Forever21 similar here
Headpiece: Icing 
Boots: Old similar here or here
Sweater: Old similar here


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