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Apr 24, 2014

5 Minute Scarf Turban

Hey babes! Do you have 5 minutes and crazy hair??
Perfect. Grab a scarf.
I don't know about you ladies but scarfs seem to be always coming in and out
of style. It's like one second I buy 50 of them and the next second they're 
accumulating dust in the top of my closet.
Anywho, the good news about scarfs are that there are a million
different things you can do with them.
Hence the tutorial.
If you have 5 minutes, nappy hair, and a scarf you don't know what to 
do with... You're gonna love this.

First twist your scarf so it turns into a rope like thingy. (Bare with me)
Haha having SO MUCH FUN twisting my scarf.

Second, place the rope on your head but leave out the bottom edge (where the end of the scarf is)
on your forehead. Twist around the back of your head to secure.

Third, pull the tails from behind around to the front of your forehead and cross the ends
over each other. (Like shown above)

Fourth, pull the crossed tail behind your head and tie a little tiny knot.

Fifth, twist the triangle like part of the scarf thats been dangling in front of your
face this whole time up and tuck her in.

And Ta-Da! You look like a babe and it took you 5 minutes. But no one
needs to know that =)


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